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Terms of sale

In the absence of a written agreement between the parties, the terms and conditions of sale, without any exception, govern the work and supplies. All claims must be made within 3 days by registered letter. Otherwise, they are inadmissible and invalid.
Any cancellation of order in preparation will be charged € 30 excluding VAT. 

Delivery time

Our delivery times are indicative and respected to the extent possible. Their non-compliance can’t motivate IN NO EVENT a discount, the cancellation of the order or pay late. The shipping is done at the risk of the customer.
Partial use even our work automatically entail its acceptance. Any claim relating to invoices must be made within 8 days by registered letter. Otherwise, invoices will be deemed accepted without reservation. We are not required to keep records, films or other entrusted to us, if it occurs, it is at the expense and risk of the customer, without liability on our part, even if a serious fault attendant, it is the same work that the customer does not take delivery at the agreed time.
All orders must be confirmed, signed and dated letter, mail order or fax.
Anyone who places an order with a request for third party billing is personally liable to pay, any company which orders are placed by a person who is generally recognized as his servants or agents, be liable for payment of all invoices for work ordered by such servant or agent, until further notice, by registered letter, that this person is no longer authorized to place orders on their behalf.
For printed or manufactured with automatic machines articles, to consider a tolerance of + / - 5 to 10% of the quantity ordered. In the case of electronic and inflatables or volatile products (sprays), you must take into consideration a percentage of defective products from 1 to 3%. 


No dispute about the size, colour or print location will not be considered unless they are listed on the order form. Any amendments made exclusively in writing will be accepted only after a confirmation of our services. For printing, quantities may vary between 5% to 10%.
The first two corrections are free, after we charge € 15 per additional correction.
Proofs are sent a few days after receiving the order and graphics. No production is launched without trial agreement. Prints on items in the catalog are there only for illustration.
A slight tolerance will be accepted between the approved pantone colors from the BAT-mail and the printed and delivered articles. 


We urge you to request samples. Indeed, it is the best way you can ensure that the sample also meets your own requirements regarding the design and quality. You can test the samples for 1 month. After this period, we will assume that you want to keep it and we will charge it along with any shipping costs. Otherwise, you can simply return them in their original package. If by chance it turns out that you still need these samples, let us know, we will be happy to defer payment if a billing occurred. To order confirmed WITHOUT sample previously requested, no claim will be accepted on the said order. 


Unless otherwise stated, all our bills are payable in advance: 100% with order. In default of payment of the deposit, work / goods won’t be delivered. The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until payment of the invoice value has been fully paid. If within 8 days of a notice by registered mail, no payment has reached us, the amounts of the bills will increase by a fixed compensation of 15% with a minimum of € 150. The establishment of drafts, money orders or checks accepted a structured settlement is neither substitute nor exception to our general conditions of sale. The application of the rules on VAT will be under the guidance and under the full responsibility of the customer. 


In case of dispute, only the court of Brussels or any of our choices will be competent.;