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Corporate gifts


The corporate gift is most often used as part of an exceptional event, VIP evening... moments meant for public relations. KiSS will help you to find THE gift!

What is a corporate gift? Do you know?
The purpose of a business gift will not be to promote a company, but to please.

This type of gift is used to boost meetings (trade shows, customer appointments, company anniversary, ...), establish your expertise, your faithfulness, develop your business, find future prospects ... .

Thank the buyers or thank your best customers, the goal is not to make sales but to make an impression. Why don’t you ask your customer what his passion is, what makes him happy ... and offer him a gift related to this theme.

Our advice will be to display your brand unobtrusively and use a ‘qualitative item’ that is, a value added gift, a gift that will leave nobody indifferent! This gift, accompanied by a handwritten letter with a customized message will always be received with pleasure. The recipient will feel very special in your eyes and we know this will be beneficial for your business relationship.

It is yours to see how you establish a friendship with the person and what place to give to feelings and personal exchanges.

Emotion can also go through the fact that you will offer your gift yourself, for example during a customer visit, a presentation meeting ... This will immediately make a huge impact especially if the meeting is not directly linked to a sale. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for the unique gift! It is precisely this type of challenge that we know how to respond to, our key asset to satisfy your expectations. Contact us immediately, you will be surprised by the fine tuning and efficacy of our team, Your partner in corporate gifts.