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We are experts in customizing promotional USB flash drives and Powerbank spare batteries. We offer a wide range of USB sticks available in capacities from 1Gb to 32Gb and portable chargers with 1800 to 10 000 mAh battery capacity, so your mobile devices will never run out of battery…

USB sticks

Spread your logo on a USB stick to capture the attention of your customers and communicate with them. USB sticks are not only useful, they are also design and modern items. Stand out with original items, the customisation possibilities are almost endless ... And surprise your customers with the soft PVC which allows you to create unique and creative 3D designs.
Whether they are made of plastic, leather, metal or wood, all our flash drives are customizable with your logo. Discover our models in the shape of credit cards, bracelets, USB pens...

Extra services

According to your needs, we can preinstall all your files (erasable or not) immediately on your USB stick during the production process. 

Spare batteries - Powerbanks

A powerbank is a portable device that charges your mobile phone or tablet via USB cable. It's an innovative, reliable and high quality product, with a life cycle of more than 500 charges.
Full customization is the best way to make your backup battery charger a unique piece.
Our printing techniques range from tampography to serigraphy, through laser engraving and doming. Whatever the complexity of your design, we always propose the method that will guarantee you the best result in the shortest time. Our USB sticks and spare batteries are shipped directly from our factory at the best price.

Price list for custom USB sticks

Discover our various models of USB sticks and Powerbanks