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Communication by the object

Promotional items are sometimes considered as outdated and of low quality. Yet promotional product marketing is still popular even if it is now often cut before other forms of marketing. There is a simple reason why promotional products are still so successful despite the new technologies:  promotional communication is cheaper than many other media and it delivers a higher return on investment (ROI). Promotional communication is a much more effective way to target a specific market, on a discreet and personalized manner.

The purpose of promotional products

The promotional object plays an essential role in business communication and even more: it becomes a collector's item that is bought and exchanged around the world. The promotional gift is a way of communicating around precise and specific values. If this strategy generally provides only a limited benefit, it is worth the money as it develops not only human relations but also a clear brand image associated with certain values.

The targets of promotional products

The first target of promotional objects is the general public. The aim is to inform and to convince consumers about the company, its products and its services. Promotional material also helps to build customer loyalty. In both cases, it can make the sale.
The second target of promotional objects is the employees of the company. End-of-the-year gifts, for example, are a small attention that can motivate the team. Printed clothing or office supplies such as pens are an ideal means for a company to stand out and to increase the employee's sense of belonging. It strengthens the corporate culture.
The third target of promotional objects is partners such as suppliers. The aim is then to build long-term business relations.

An undeniable success

Unlike other communication tools, the promotional item exceeds fads and fashion and is timeless (from 1950 to today). If it appeals so much to the people, it is because of its three major assets with which non-material means cannot compete. Indeed, on one hand the promotional object is tangible and on the other hand it is generally useful. Finally, the business gift is perceived as a real gift by the recipient, because it is appreciated and most of the times useful.

Promotional items for all tastes and budgets

USB sticks, promotional t-shirts, promotional pens, personalized key rings, lighters... For smaller budgets, there are also goodies for less than 1 euro per unit. The printing costs of promotional objects are significantly lower than those of other media: for a pen, the cost is estimated at ± € 0.0003 against ... € 0.055 per contact for a TV campaign. A huge difference that clearly shows the growing importance of goodies in business communication.

What promotional item for my business?

With the increasing number of references available, it can be difficult to select the right promotional item for one's business. Pins, pens, umbrellas, t-shirts, bags, MP3, agendas… there is an abundance of choices. However, some are more popular than others, as it appears from the results of a study conducted in 2013 on the French population (STUDY GINGER/2FPCO). Indeed, the French show a clear preference for computer and electronic gifts such as USB sticks, instead of traditional and retro goodies that saturate the market.

The promotional product must not only take into account the expectations of the consumer, it must also match the image of the company, its activities and the message it wants to convey. Care for your IMAGE, we're watching you!